The difference between 2Sisters Ranch Wagyu, Kobe Beef, and American Wagyu.

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a brief history of wagyu

The Wagyu breed originated in Japan and was used for labor in the fields for 2000 years. Their drought resistance and tough work abilities contributed to the creation of the ultimate marbled and best tasting meat in the world. They were not used for meat until the mid 1800’s and today are known throughout the world for their incredible marbling and great taste.


our fullblood wagyu vs kobe beef

2Sisters Ranch cattle are identical to Kobe beef cattle in that they contain all the same Japanese genetics. The one difference is that only beef that is produced in the Hyogo Prefecture in Japan can be called Kobe beef. Our herd has 100% Japanese genetics that trace back to the original importations from Japan.

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american wagyu

You will often see the term “American Wagyu” or just “Wagyu” on menus or in stores. This term is mostly used for cross bred cattle, most commonly Angus crossed with Wagyu and primarily finished in high volume commercial feed lots. Our cattle are certified Fullblood Wagyu because they are bred with 100% pure Japanese genetics and nothing else.

Bred from pure Japanese genetics.

What does it mean to say pure Japanese genetics? In the 1970’s the first importation of Wagyu bulls occurred and over the next 20 years there were only a few more importations, totaling less than 200 Wagyu. In 1997 Japan declared Wagyu a National Treasure and ever since then there has been an export ban on any live animals or genetics. Fullblood Wagyu that are DNA certified by the American Wagyu Association can prove 100% of their lineage traces to the original importations from Japan. Fullblood Wagyu have never had any US cattle lines bred into them…only pure Japanese genetics similar to the Kobe beef being raised in Japan today.

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Wagyu isn’t only about genetics.

The pure Japanese genetics of Fullblood Wagyu is the foundation of the incredible meat that can be produced, but without careful attention to nutrition and husbandry over the cattle’s entire life we cannot produce exceptional marbling and flavor. We have studied Japanese practices, worked with feed experts, and carefully selected proven genetics to build our herd. We are producing some of the very best meat in America, by combining select genetics, all-natural herd management, grass finishing, and allowing 3 years for an animal to mature. We are producing beef that has the flavor and umami that only comes from grass feeding and contains marbling levels similar to Kobe beef from Japan. In fact, we continually order A5 beef from Japan and conduct blind taste tastes and our beef wins every time.

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Breeding cows

Our breeding cows are grass fed year-round at a proper level to keep their body condition in the ideal healthy range for breeding, calving, and providing milk. During the last 90 days of their pregnancy is when the calf forms all of its fat cells, so we make sure they get additional nutrition during that period.

Calf Nutrition

As soon as our calves are born we provide them with additional vitamins, pro-biotics, and ensure they get the proper amount of colostrum from their mothers. We also supplement their grass feed with some alfalfa to give them an extra boost of protein and vitamins in their important early days.

All Natural

The term ‘All Natural’ does not mean much in the commercial food chain and its marketing tactics. At 2Sisters Ranch we take ‘All Natural’ seriously; we don’t feed hormones or antibiotics, and our animals eat grass and alfalfa. We keep our fields spray free as we want our herd to be healthy inside and out.


Grass Fed

Grass fed beef has been found to have healthier ratios of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids than grain fed beef. It also often contains higher levels of anti-oxidants like vitamin A and E. Factory meat typically contains unhealthy fatty acids, includes hormones, antibiotics, and other biotoxins. 


Healthy Fat

Highly marbled Wagyu beef have higher proportions of monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) due to higher concentrations of oleic acid. Wagyu beef has the lowest cholesterol of all meats, even lower than fish or chicken.