We created 2Sisters Ranch to produce the healthiest and best tasting beef you can buy.


Brian and Renee, along with their two daughters Tiana and Cian, have built this small business raising Fullblood Wagyu to produce meat that is the healthiest and most delicious you can buy and have delivered directly to your doorstep. After years of trying out the ranching lifestyle on a 2-acre ranchette in the Bay Area, they decided to move their family and all their animals to Central Oregon.

2Sisters Ranch was named in part because we have two daughters, and we have a view from our ranch of two of the Three Sisters Mountains in Central Oregon. The three mountains are called Faith, Hope, and Charity. Our view is of Faith and Hope, which is what we needed a lot of jumping into ranching.


In 2005 Brian and Renee decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay Area and follow their dream of finding a small town to slow down in. After choosing a beautiful 100-acre undeveloped parcel in Tumalo, a few miles from downtown Bend, they started building their dream. In 2012, after seeing a Wagyu steak on the cover of a Wine Spectator magazine, they decided to start a small herd of Fullblood Wagyu. Although they were eager for this new adventure, they didn’t realize how exquisite the meat could be until their first bite of a Fullblood Wagyu steak in Vermont at the annual American Wagyu Association meeting.