We are a family owned and operated ranch in Tumalo, Oregon that raises 100% Fullblood Wagyu.

Our cattle are pasture raised in the fresh air and sunshine of Central Oregon, and are grass fed from nutrient-rich local hay, which produces an unparalleled umami flavor in the beef. On our family owned and operated ranch, we value the methods of traditional farming that prioritize the health and wellness of our animals. We believe the best beef comes from animals that are well cared for, and we work hard to provide you the highest quality meat directly from our pastures to your plate.


‘和牛’ Wagyu: ‘Wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cow


Our passion is raising the highest quality Wagyu beef with 100% pure Japanese genetics. Our herd was founded directly from the prominent Tajima and Kedaka lines, known for producing the highest amounts of marbling, tenderness, and exquisite flavor. We allow our cattle to grow naturally in order to maximize the superior meat qualities intrinsic to the Wagyu breed.


The reason that we swear our meat is ‘Guaranteed no Angus’ is because almost all of the Wagyu that consumers eat in restaurants and buy in stores is not 100% Fullblood Wagyu. The vast majority of Wagyu in todays market is from a 50% Angus and 50% Wagyu cross known in the industry as F1, or crossbred. F-2 in the industry is also known as crossbred, or 75% Wagyu. Even a “purebred” Wagyu in the United States only needs to qualify as 93.75% Wagyu.


There are less than 5,000 Fullblood Wagyu in the U.S.


This is what makes our Wagyu so special. Our cattle have been bred with 100% pure Japanese genetics that we have hand selected from the best genetic Wagyu lines. Our Wagyu cattle are all registered Fullblood with the AWA (American Wagyu Association) and can be DNA traced back to their original Wagyu ancestors in Japan.


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